Mulching Vs Bagging

Mulching vs Bagging : What Cedar City Residents Should Consider

Mulching vs Bagging : What Cedar City Residents Should Consider

Complete Lawn Care Services Cedar City UtahWhen should I mulch?

Mulching is great for your lawn on a number of levels. Whether you are mulching leaves or returning lawn clippings back into the lawn, mulching saves time, money, labor, and is a great for your soil.  Mulching your grass clippings back into the lawn can provide up to 30% of the nutrition your lawn needs for the year.  Grass clippings that are mulched properly into the lawn settle down onto the ground and decompose.

When should I bag?

Bagging lawns can be helpful when mowing overgrown lawns, when large numbers of leaves are on the lawn, and around pools to keep the water clean. We have found that grass over 5 inches long is difficult to mulch and leave a nice looking cut. The mowers can leave clumps (specifically if it’s wet), and can lack the power to mulch grass this tall. In these situations bagging can be the best option.

Mowing Frequency

There is a rule one can go by to determine how often they should mow their lawn. It is unhealthy for 1/3 of the length of your grass to be cut off at one time. Mowing weekly tends to be the perfect frequency. For homeowners that love to fertilize like crazy, this can mean mowing every 3-4 days. We recommend mowing your lawn at 3 inches or taller. That means ideally your lawn is 4.5 inches or shorter when the lawn is mowed.


A lawn that is properly watered and not over fertilized should be able to be mulched on a weekly basis without problems. This option can potentially save time and money for homeowners. Those mowing their own lawn won’t have to worry about dumping the bag, and finding a place to put the clippings. Those who chose to hire a professional won’t be charged for the extra time to dump bags, and a disposal fee. In almost all situations we strongly feel mulching lawns frequently is the way to go.

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