Cedar City Lawn CareHave a beautiful lawn by watering the right way

Water is indeed necessary for lawns.  Too much or too little water can harm them.  Running the water all night sets up ideal conditions for disease problems.  Watering too often, with too little water causes the grass roots to be shallow.  In hot conditions the soil dries out and the roots are too shallow to find moisture.  Here are a few pointers for proper watering.

When  and how often should I water?

It is best to water infrequently and deeply.  Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day.  When the temperatures are hitting the 80’s 2 times per week is sufficient.  When the temperatures hit the 90’s 3 times per week is sufficient.  This generally means setting your system to water twice per week in April, upping it to 3 times in June, then backing down to 2 times in September.  The ideal watering time is early in the morning.  If you are a Cedar Lawn Care client please make sure your lawn is done being watered by 8am.  Also, don’t water the morning we will be there to mow your lawn.   🙂

Check how much you’re watering.

Apply about 1/2 inch of water each time you water your lawn.  We suggest putting out tuna cans to measure and determine how long you need to water to hit the 1/2 inch.  Different sprinklers water at different rates so measure several different areas.  One can adjust the time on the zone, or the rate of watering from the sprinkler head.

Over-watered lawns have more weeds

The weeds that over-watered lawns often have are difficult to control.  Lawns over-watered for an extended period of time are even more noticeable.  Deep infrequent watering provides a more difficult atmosphere for weeds to thrive.